Western States 100 -- June 25, 2005

All Photos 86 images
Scenery 19 images
Gillian 9 images
Thursday, Squaw Valley 11 images
Friday, pre-race day 9 images
Saturday, Robinson Flat 10 images
Saturday, Rucky Chucky River Crossing 6 images
Saturday, Michigan Bluff 9 images
Saturday, Foresthill 11 images
Sunday, No Hands Bridge 18 images
Sunday, finish line 14 images

    Western States 100 -- June 25th, 2005

This is one of the best events around. We had a great time over the long weekend. We gave a foot clinic on Thursday (actually, Gillian gave the clinic - I was mostly the foot-taping victim). On Friday we had our ZombieRunner booth, which is a great way to hang out and talk to friends. On race day, I went to different places on the course to shoot photographs. I shot with a Canon 350XT body, and 2 lenses, a Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS L and a Canon 17-40mm 4.0 L. The majority of this set is of the runners as it's a bit difficult to get out on the course on race day without either running the race or being on the safety patrol.

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