Coyote Four Play, Feb 24-27, 2005

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    Coyote Four Play  n. four days of running lunacy

It works like this: get yourself to Oxnard, California. Wake up far too early each morning so you can spend the entire day cavorting on some of the nicest running trails on the Left Coast. 7 miles the first day, then 50, 40, finally 31. Or run any distances you please (the sooner to get back for the post-race partying). After cleaning up, it's out for a night of food and craziness at a local restaurant, or, and this is a highlight, at the Wagon Wheel Bowling Alley. Everyone leaves C4P happy, but wanting more... and as Chief Moron Chris, CM in training H'ard, and the JABOYs have promised, the Coyotes will be back again in 2006.

Running doesn't get any better. As akabill likes to say: Life is Good!

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